MG Silk Road Rally

From Europe thru Central Asia to China


Hamburg - Shanghai, Aug 31 - Oct 12, 2015

yes, we're here - we covered the  whole 12'500 km safe and sound!

Endless meandering over moonscape desert roads!


Pik Lenin, Sarytash - the most stunning scenery of the ice-cold sunny morning on Sep 22, 2015!


'déjeuner sur l'herbe' at the Chinese border during our 5 hrs wait for our guide to pick up our passports

Driving at the Southern edge of the Taklamakan desert for over 2000 km (Southern Silk Road)

Crossing the Tibetan plateau at an altitude of almost 3'000 m.

Sand dunes of Dunhuang

Too bad that doesn't happen every day - our car would be much cleaner!

Geography lesson for onlookers

Lanzhou - a backward glance over the Yangtze - another fast growing, dusty & dirty city lacking any charm!

Xi'an - terracotta warriors - an amazing sight - shared with 100'000 Chinese on their National Day holidays!

Wuxi - sunset tour on an ancient boat


Warm welcome by MGCC China - posing with their president Gulu and his lovely wife Ray - thank you for inviting us to your 85th anniversary celebration of the MG Club!

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