MG Silk Road Rally

From Europe thru Central Asia to China


Hamburg - Shanghai Rally (Silk Road)

It all started when the MG car club (MGCC) published its anniversary trip from Abingdon to Shanghai - sounded amazing, exotic, unique, may be a bit crazy but most of all .... intriguing!

Given the length of the  journey and low no. of participants the MG only rally changed into an open class Silk Road Tour - with just 2 participating MGs.

Abindon, UK, where the MG - Morris garages - factory was moved to in the late 1920s  after being founded in 1923; first MG CEO was Cecil Kimber.

As we had just purchased a MG TD 1952, 1250 ccm, in snowy Jan 2015 for this particular rally, we decided to stick to our initial plan

Intensive preparation work for the long rally started with a big smile...

Since we're down there anyway we might as well replace the flooring boards...

While Marco was looking after all the serious work, I busied myself with assistant tasks such as painting, polishing and whatever else not requiring specific skills...

Engine at specalists' for complete overhaul and ...

... more very serious work for experts and MG enthusiasts only... detail is too small...

Top support from Beat Dürig

Rebuilt engine

A major step  achieved: engine back home

Looking much better already...first trials after redoing the breaks

almost there

Getting better by the day

Final touches ... replacing hood & side screens ...

... enhancing  durability of our travel box